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Decorative Home Arts and Crafts

Original Pub. Date: Aug. 11, 2015. Last Update: Aug. 11, 2015.

Decorating your home can involve a number of different processes. Because everyone has a unique style, you might enjoy injecting your special artistry and creativity into the rooms in your home. If you have skills for creating artwork, such as painting, sculpting, or sewing, you have many options for decorating your home. You could paint a mural on one wall or even on the ceiling. Some people enjoy painting faux surfaces on the floor to simulate a rug or a distinctive material such as tile or wood. You could create a sculpture out of clay, which might become a focal point in a living room or dining room. Sewing could enable you to stitch place mats, pillows, or quilts, which add both color and texture to a room's decor. Other arts and crafts that can add design to interior spaces include flower arranging, mosaic art, woodworking, weaving, and metalworking. You might try taking a class to learn new arts and crafts skills to use for decorating your home. With time and effort, you can decorate your home in your distinctive style and taste to make it uniquely your own.

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