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The Kremlin, LBJ, and the JFK Assassination. Newly declassified documents confirm Moscow always knew to play the American left like a fiddle.

My reply:

Duh, if Oswald were a real Commie, why would he try to kill pink leftist JFK? Why wasn’t he shooting at rabid anti-Commie LBJ? Because he was a storefront Commie, who only played one on TV, and was
actually a CIA agent that was part of a team that killed JFK to put LBJ in the White House so he could reverse course in Vietnam and ramp it up with a giant contract to his buddies at Bell Helicopter. Since the people who did it were the ones in charge of the investigation, they had to make sure that they were never suspects, only their lone gunman patsy, who they made sure never saw a lawyer or a judge. The greatest coverup in US history was on. The Soviets had nothing to do with and couldn’t have stopped it, so who cares if they were actually right about it?