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How does the world police all space faring nations from making unilateral global changes in an attempt to stem climate change or other global issues that may have unintended consequences that may affect the entire planet?

Senate Post-Zuckerberg: Unqualified. Plus: Scalise, Mulvaney Post-Ryan

My reply:

As I’ve been crying for the last years in my Boycott Facebook Blog, everyone should flee the ZuckerBeast, an Antichrist Machine that lures you into selling your soul by promising you happiness then sells your soul to Mammon AKA the Devil at will with no govt. control. What is not needed is a rival to Facebook that can become just as bad. All along a Good Facebook would have been run as a nonprofit like Wikipedia, relying on user donations and protecting users’ privacy and rights to freedom of speech rather than trampling them for filthy lucre. The deep problem is that the govt. has failed to nationalize the Internet. Why? It’s the National Information Superhighway, and as such should be publicly owned to prevent the plague of privately-owned toll roads and bridges that once killed trucking, and worse, have collapsed into a tiny group of monopolies. The govt. can seize the Internet Service Providers and routing network under eminent domain and pay owners a fair price, then insure that copyrights are protected and royalties paid in order to facilitate interstate commerce. Future pirate networks can be shut down once one copyright violation is detected. Everybody should get a free Internet account based on their SSN or tax ID, with their account linked to their income tax account so that creators of knowledge can be credited whenever their copyrighted work is transferred on the Internet, and the downloaders forced to pay each time via their credit cards or bank accounts, with delinquents debited on their income tax accounts. Govt. employees can be penalized by law for viewing, transmitting, or selling private data, which will be considered to be under copyright, without a court order based on probable cause of criminal activity. Shutting people’s accounts down or deleting their posts will also require a court order, which will be a tall order in the face of the First Amendment.

The future will then be filled with creators of knowledge who can become billionaires, not leeches and parasites who create no knowledge and just scam everybody by tricking them into selling their souls to the Devil for cash. Sixty-six-point-six-billion-dollar man Zuckerberg should never have made more than a 100 thousand a year, and needs to go back to school and learn how to be useful.