One thought on “PRUDEN: The Republican suicide strategy on immigration”

  1. My reply:

    It’s both parties that are flirting with suicide by trying to keep the ticking time bomb of the unsealable 2K-mi. U.S.-Mexico border. So what if so-many legalized Mexicans might vote Democratic for awhile? The failed state of Mexico festers, with so many ways it can blow up in our faces. When will both parties unite behind the Megamerge Dissolution Solution of working to incorporate Mexico as 10 new U.S. states, for a rebirth of freedom and a freedom solution? The new U.S. border on the Mexican coasts will be far more sealable, and now all 400+ million Americans can solve problems together. The only thing that will have to go is kaput white supremacy and English supremacy on one side, and kaput Mexican nationalism on the other side. It’s win-win. Ignore the tiny minority of loud voices and go with the future by visiting my Megamerge Dissolution Solution Blog, where the proposed bipartisan plan is laid out in plain language.

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