One thought on “Coulter: Immigration push gives Democrats ’30 million unskilled, law-breaking voters’”

  1. My reply:

    “30 million unskilled, law-breaking beaners, er, voters”. Duh, if they’re felons, they might have a hard time voting even if given citizenship, and if it’s just misdemeanors and petty offenses, join the club, who cares. The real issue is, if you pick a thousand of them out of the phone book, who would you trust more to vote common sense, them, or a thousand Ivy League professors? 🙂

    How about all 150 million Mexicans being given citizenship in return for annexing Mexico to the U.S. as 10 new states, allowing it to be developed as U.S. territory, with free migration of all 400+ million Americans likely creating an economic boom and a new era of E Pluribus Unum? The only thing we will lose is white and English superiority, but whites and English will always be part of the EPU, and there likely won’t be a new American Stalin staging a Commie Rev., so who cares? The bigger better 60-state U.S. will be more competitive on the world stage in every way, and safer, with defensible seabound borders. Yes, there will always be hardcore racists and nationalists on both sides, but the majority of decent people will steamroll them in every election to do what’s right and good.

    Coulter is sick, but there’s a cure. She should take a dose of my medicine and visit my Megamerge Dissolution Solution Blog to see how a bipartisan majority in Congress can end the US-Mexico problem once for all and turn into a strength. In the meantime let’s hope she’s caught scarfing down enchiladas in a Mexican restaurant 🙂

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