One thought on “New Hispanic majority transforms culture of Pa. region”

  1. When it came to his 1965 immigration act, Ted Kennedy was a super Pinocchio, true, but he’s dead now so what’s keeping Congress from repealing or changing it? He should have realized that immigration from the MUSLIM WORLD won’t only change the ethnic mix, it will act as an advance invasion force to attempt to absorb the U.S. into it, which their thousand-year jihad couldn’t do by direct violent assault, subverting and ultimately abolishing the U.S. Constitution and replacing it with the horrible Quran that hates freedom. So why let in a Trojan Horse? This can easily be corrected with a moratorium on Muslim immigration.

    When it comes to our next-door neighbors in Mexico, however, no act of Congress can seal the unsealable 2K-mi. border, and no “comprehensive immigration reform” is anything but a laugh, because the real elephant in the room is the ever-corrupt Mexican govt. on the other side, which has always been run by elite fatcats, and is now being taken over by drug cartels, creating the conditions that cause Mexicans to brave Hell to come to the U.S. and stay despite all odds.

    What’s the solution? It’s always been right in front of our faces: the Megamerge Dissolution Solution of a inviting the Mexican people to scrap their failed country and govt. and reorganize their territory as 10 new U.S. states the size of Utah, allowing a phased statehood plan that erases the 2K-mi. landlocked border and expands it to the Mexican coasts, where real illegal immigrants from overseas can finally be controlled.

    After that, Mexico can be developed as a U.S. sector with free bilateral movement, allowing millions of Yankee gringos to create whole new cities along with a New California and New Florida, for starters, quadrupling Mexico’s GDP and making it one of the strongest U.S. sectors.

    It will require a mental paradigm change of a 1-state solution, a new bigger nation with 60 states that has no official language, English or Spanish, any more than it has an official race or religion, but is still one nation indivisible with justice for all, working on the same team to take on the rest of the world. Does this idea scare you? How about anarchy, because that’s where it’s headed otherwise. Read the Megamerge Dissolution Solution Blog.

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