One thought on “Hungering for immigration reform”

  1. With the millions of Mexican border-crossers in the U.S. it’s easy to take the view that they’re alien invader Huns that should be rounded up and shipped back, but the problem is that they will return, after great expensive and trouble to all. Why? Because the corrupt Mexican govt. has kept Mexico backward and undeveloped and forever rides the rich on the backs of the poor, forcing them either to suffer, go criminal, or cross the border looking for honest work in a land of opportunity, after which they get caught like mice between two incompatible elephantine systems. Rather than accept the easy answers and end up with no answers, why not try wrapping your mind around the idea of accepting Mexico’s people as U.S. citizens in exchange for dissolving their failed country and reorganizing it as several new states, a New Calif., New Ariz., New Texas, New Fla.? That way free 2-way movement of people and capital will finally develop it as a U.S. sector, creating millions of new jobs for all, a win-win solution. See how it can be done in just years at

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