One thought on “Public Still Wants Comprehensive Immigration Reform by Ruy Teixeira”

  1. My reply:

    As the failure of the 1986 Reagan Amnesty proved, all attempts at solving the U.S.-Mexico border problem are pointless unless the #1 problem on the other side is solved, namely the totally corrupt Mexican govt. that is little more than a criminal enterprise. If the president and Congress would work directly with the majority of Mexico’s good people to dissolve that govt. in favor of U.S. citizenship, then the border could go poof, and a new U.S. border created at the Mexican coasts, after which a New Calif., New Ariz., New Texas, New Fla. could be organized and attract mass southward migration, mixing pop. and resources to generate millions of new jobs for all 414 million Americans, with the corrupt Mexican govt. out of the way permanently. See how it might be done at

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