The Megamerge Dissolution Solution to the U.S.-Mexico Problem: Easy Version

The Megamerge Dissolution Solution to the U.S.-Mexico Border Problem

Easy Simplified Version

Original Publication Date: Apr. 30, 2010.  Last Update: Apr. 30, 2010.

  • Long before white Europeans began colonizing America, it was the home of 
  • native Americans.  Too bad, the Euros had no respect for them or their cultures 
    and civilizations, and took over the entire hemisphere via horrible genocide.  
    When the dust settled, the southern hemisphere was controlled by Roman Catholics, 
    the northern hemisphere by Protestants.  After centuries of evolution, the United 
    States of America and Mexico developed their current configurations and common 
    2K-mi. border, which has increasingly become a lawless scene used for drug dealing 
    as well as a unidirectional sieve for Mexicans going to the U.S. to work and/or 
    live permanently, with Mexico being dependent on the U.S. in an unhealthy way that 
    is causing many problems.  Meanwhile religion has lost its importance as a reason 
    to separate the hemispheres, as most have become areligious or at least secular, 
    recognizing the need to separate church and state, and racism has increasingly 
    become kaput, all combining to end any reason for two separate nations to exist.

  • The Megamerge Dissolution Solution is a plan for ending all the problems caused 
  • by the U.S.-Mexico border by dissolving it and expanding it to the oceans while 
    incorporating Mexico into the U.S. as 10+ new states, in the hope that they will 
    become vibrant economic zones that create millions of jobs for all 414 million 
    Americans, who won’t need passports to travel state-to-state anymore, while 
    enfranchising all Mexicans and giving them a say in how the U.S. is run permanently.

  • Because the U.S. has all the power and started the whole mess in the first place 
  • back in 1848, it has to take the first step, with Congress officially inviting the 
    people of Mexico to forget past grudges and dissolve their failed country and government 
    in stages in return for forming new U.S. states and petitioning for statehood with 
    new constitutions and boundaries that Congress must approve.  It is proposed that 
    Mexico form 10 new states for starters, but more might be possible down the line as 
    things develop.

  • The people of Mexico take the second step by making a national decision to accept 
  • Congress’ proposal, probably via referendum.  The politics of deciding the boundaries, 
    names, and political representatives of each new state will be up to them, with the 
    U.S. providing financial, technical and even military support as required.

  • Once the process reaches the right point, the U.S. military will move in and set 
  • up bases to end all lawlessness and provide a safe atmosphere for future development.  
    At a certain point the govt. of Mexico will hand over sovereignty and dissolve, and 
    a new 60+-star U.S. flag will fly over Old Mexico, with all Mexicans becoming U.S. 
    citizens with full rights, and electing federal representatives to take their seats 
    in Washington D.C.  In order to make a new start, immunity will be granted for all 
    Mexican govt. officials, and all past criminal immigration records for the new citizens 
    will be erased.

  • The U.S. will provide massive support for both northward and southward migration, 
  • via grants, tax incentives, facilities and transportation, etc.  The southward migrants 
    will buy land and set up new English-speaking cities and hire from the new enlarged 
    pool of 414 million Americans, who will be protected from “carpetbaggers” by U.S. laws.

  • Hopefully Congress will enact legislation to create U.S.-Mexico Megamerge Day, 
  • an annual celebration held on May 5 (Cinco de Mayo), making the U.S. a model bilingual 
    nation that has learned to celebrate its diversity and share the New World in peace 
    and prosperity.
    Sounds simple, and it can be, or it can be difficult, depending on the willingness 
    of all involved to drop all racism, white/brown/red supremacy, religious prejudice, 
    and past grudges, and work to accept each other and make a new start so the 21st 
    century is the greatest America has ever known.  Does the New World want to repeat 
    the mistakes of the Old World, or show them the way that all can learn to accept 
    each other’s existence and enjoy sharing?
    How do we get started?  We need politicians on both sides of the border to come out 
    in support, and we need the U.S. govt. to work on all the legal, political, financial, 
    and logistical details, hopefully in a bipartisan effort.  Will you be the first 
    U.S. congressperson to announce that you’re a Megamerger?  TLW is not a politician 
    and is willing to share any credit with politicans who take his idea and make it a 
    reality.  Will it be you?  And will you be dedicated to keeping the effort bipartisan 
    and not descend into partisan politics no matter how much pressure or temptation?  
    Do you want your grandkids to enjoy a bigger better freer U.S., and if so, are you 
    willing to do what it takes?