One thought on “Arizona Watch Guest Blogger:Rudy Ruiz “Arizona Immigration Law: A Step Backwards in Time””

  1. My comment to them:

    Sorry, but Arizona’s law doesn’t rely on skin color or race to work, it just relies on a police state that can stop people for a minor violation than ask for papers, which are colorblind. But even if Arizona locks up 100% of illegal Mexican immigrants, then what? They will have to eventually release them to the feds, after which they will likely end back up in the U.S. What an expensive merry-go-round. On the other hand a general amnesty does nothing to change the root causes of poverty, injustice, crime and corruption in Mexico that drove them over the border, meaning that millions more will likely follow, creating another merry-go-round. Is there a real solution? Yes, the Megamerge Dissolution Solution of the U.S. working with the Mexican people to dissolve their ever-corrupt govt. and joining as 10+ new states, creating new economic zones that will create million of new U.S. jobs for all 414 million Americans.

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