One thought on “Scalia’s Dissent in the Gay Marriage Ruling is a Dangerous Attack on American Democracy Itself”

  1. My reply:

    Scalia’s dissent is a dangerous attack on what?

    Duh, back in the 1850s it was the Republicans who were blasting the Supreme Court for its Dredd Scott decision, and the Democrats defending it, along with slavery. After a horrible bloody civil war the court reversed itself, and even then constitutional amendments had to be passed to permanently free blacks from oppression by Southern whites, mainly Democrats, which were only partly effective until LBJ’s Civil Rights Act of 1965. Since then the Supreme Court has reversed itself several times, sometimes without the membership changing first, like with the Jehovah’s Witness flag saluting case during WWII.

    In short, the Supreme Court is not a sacred cow, sorry. It has no legal power to pass laws at will, only interpret the meaning of laws already passed and their constitutionality, including that they were constitutionally passed with the required votes. The one exception is to discover God-given rights that no law can take away, such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Yes, the pursuit of happiness with somebody of the same gender sounds like a starter, but too bad, they can’t cite that theory since which God would they be talking about? The Jewish-Christian Bible makes homosexuality a sin and promises hell to its practitioners, as does the Muslim Quran. Clearly, they don’t want to go there, so they must be taking the atheist stand that there is no God to worry about, and man is a God to himself, or more precisely, the State is the God, but not even that, the Supreme Court is God, declaring our rights by dictum even if the State’s own lawmakers object. This disturbs me, how about you?

    Meanwhile if the Congress and state legislatures legally pass a Constitutional amendment, and/or the Congress pass a federal gay civil rights law, they as good as announced in advance that they’d okay it, but what they did here is give gays false hope by a ruling based on a flimsy 5-4 vote that can be reversed by a later court at will. Cock, er, rainbow people need to get a grip and face the fact that their fight is just begun.

    When it comes to blacks clearly if there is a God he made them just like he made whites and other people, and pronounced all that he made as good; he didn’t pronounce part of what he made garbage and give the other part a job as garbage collectors, hence it was just a matter of time that blacks got their freedom in the eyes of the law even if white supremacists still have big numbers.

    But that was because everybody knows that if there is a God he’d back black rights, and it’s not a good idea to park your car in the Reserved for God space. As to gays, if anybody can claim that pursuing something giving them happiness is a right to be protected from regulation by laws, police, courts, etc., then anything goes, and pedophiles need to start designing their own flag to fly in front of the Supreme Court and White House and get in line, along with polygamists, polyandrists, incest lovers, hard drug users, nude orgy lovers, kleptomaniacs, rapists, eye-gouging contest lovers, the whole show at Sin City. There has to be a line, so Scalia is right-on.

    BTW, it was WOMEN that did it this time. Maybe the U.S. started going downhill when they passed the 19th Amendment giving women the vote, and they should repeal it now 🙂

    Talking about history. Back in the Bible the Jews had an era when they were ruled by judges, which got so bad they clamored for and got a king, after which they never got a democracy until the Romans conquered them and kicked them out of their own land. I guess Pres. Obama is gloating, rubbing his hands, and just waiting in the wings 🙂 As Justice Roberts put it, in this case, the real Constitution had nothing to do with it, but I hope it does and quickly.

    Study my free African-American Historyscope on my Historyscoper Web site and learn the long difficult history of black freedom in the U.S., then see why this one ruling is so disturbing to people who know history.

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