One thought on “Donald Trump is an actual fascist: What his surging popularity says about the GOP base”

  1. My reply:

    [[The thing is, his style — full of race baiting, xenophobia and belligerent nationalism — is not unique to Trump; ]]

    Sorry, but wanting to close a leaky unidirectional border to undesirables is none of the above, it’s just common sense. The way the Saloonies and other leftists jumped all over him and raced to the Hitler analogies won’t cut it with the American people any more, and they saw right through it.

    On the other hand, Trump is still apparently blithely unaware of my bipartisan MEGAMERGE DISSOLUTION SOLUTION that can permanently solve the U.S.-Mexico problem by expanding the border to the Mexican coasts after turning Mexico into 10 new U.S. states, allowing migration to become bidirectional, along with capital, workers, and knowhow. Imagine what Trump could do with those huge Mexican coasts in New California and New Florida. Tell him to get off the phone and scope my solution now before he makes too many campaign promises he’ll have to break.

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