One thought on “Donald Trump’s foreign-policy platform is so catastrophically bad that world leaders are now taking the time to pan it: “It reflects an enormous ignorance””

  1. My reply:

    Yes, Trump’s pushing of a 1900-mile Brownsville Wall shows enormous ignorance of the cost it would take to build and maintain it year after year. Obviously, it would be only as strong as its weakest mile. So how much would it take to build a strong mile of wall? $1 million? $10 million? $100 million? Let’s say $100 million. Multiply that out and it comes to $190 billion. And what’s the point? Border-crossers could still come via circuitous routes, and drug cartels undoubtedly will pay off the border guards at certain spots. The Border Patrol already gets $12 billion a year with no wall, more than Trump’s total worth.

    Too bad, it would probably truly take more like $1 billion per mile anyway. What a colossal drain on the U.S. economy. Meanwhile poor backward dependent Mexico would continue to fester.

    Now if Trump would study something besides finance and read my MEGAMERGE DISSOLUTION SOLUTION PROPOSAL that shows the real solution is to annex Mexico as 10 new states over the objections of racists on both sides, the new border would be on the Mexican coasts, where we can see them coming over, on, or under the water, without building any walls. Meanwhile Trump can build whole new cities on that 5,000-mile coastline to create the new states of New California, New Florida, and maybe Trumpland, and give jobs to millions.

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