One thought on “This one policy change could prevent up to 450 billion tons of carbon from polluting the atmosphere”

  1. My reply:

    Oh my, 450 billion tons of “carbon” are “polluting the atmosphere”. Duh, why didn’t you say carbon DIOXIDE, a clear clean gas that helps green plants breathe? Answer: Because you Saloonies are NUTS, thinking you’re fooling the public into giving their wealth to Third World countries for their “sins” in order to implement your fool’s dream of global COMMUNISM.

    I get a kick out of Saloonies calling CO2 a “greenhouse gas”. It is, but not because it has anything to do with heating, but because it’s pumped into greenhouses to help plants BREATHE AND GROW. The heating is done not with gas but with GLASS, which traps the warm rising air and builds the warm air cushion back down to the ground level. Sorry, but CO2 isn’t a greenhouse glass, it’s a minute component of the atmosphere that’s well-dispersed into the O and N, so it can’t heat the surface of the Earth by trapping any convected air.

    The real question is why the leftist would-be overlords of Earth want to keep more plants from growing to feed the teeming billions.

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