One thought on “Ghosts of an assassination: The chaotic history of Franz Ferdinand’s demise”

  1. Who started World War One? The Devil, right?

    If God had been in charge, then instead of committing mass suicide over nothing, the white race of Europe would have united, overcome all minor differences of language, religion, and culture, and worked to exterminate all non-whites worldwide and replace them with their own, in which case there would be world peace and prosperity.

    Er, a world with a greatly reduced gene pool that’s subject to new diseases, and probably a hellhole of war like in WWI, only worse.

    So, maybe God was in charge 🙂

    Nobody alive now actually remembers living through the Great War, but thanks to the awesome power of the Internet, anybody who has the time and the mental drive can relive it and master all the key facts, better than somebody who lived through it, using my cool World War One Historyscope, which I’m currently offering free to all students and teachers, as long as they don’t print it out on paper. Don’t fall behind my current crop of students of all levels. Caution: it’s a huge Web page and takes a long time to load, but that’s because it’s loading your browser with a huge chunk of historical information:

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