One thought on “WWI and the United States: Woodrow Wilson’s Wisdom or Folly? Would Europe have become a better place faster if the United States had not intervened in World War I?”

  1. My reply:

    Would the world have been a better place if Wilson what? What if all white people united and dropped all squabbles to unite and rule the world, using their vast military resources to exterminate non-whites from pole to pole so their own could move in? I don’t know, but amazingly pretty much the exact opposite has been happening since WWI, maybe I missed something in history school 🙂 Let’s not even try to wrap our minds around the religious problem 🙂 Too bad, “white” is a phony race, and anything that reduces the size of the global gene pool could doom the entire er, race to extinction, so maybe it came out as good as it could have and Stockman is grumbling for nothing. If he really wants to know WWI as well as I do all he has to do is scope it with me free on my Historyscoper site along with a lot of other smart people who have the time and dedication. I do the heavy lifting, all they have to do is not fall behind.

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