One thought on “They died for Henry Kissinger’s “credibility”: The real history of our Vietnam immorality”

  1. My reply:

    The Vietnam War was an incredibly stupid mistake on the part of the U.S., because way back in WWII Ho Chi Minh was pro-George Washington and the Declaration of Independence, sending a letter to Pres. Truman to ask his help in ousting the French from Vietnam to gain its independence, making him the George Washington of Vietnam. Instead the U.S. sided with the French and tried to fight George Washington, an undertaking doomed from the start. All we did was throw him in the arms of new Chinese dictator Mao, who helped him oust the French but turned him into a powerless puppet like that Star Trek episode about a parallel Nazi Germany, allowing Mao to use the Vietnamese as pawns in a chess game with the U.S. where Vietnamese killed Vietnamese, and Americans killed and were killed by Vietnamese, while he belly-laughed from a safe distance. If Truman had only invited Ho into the White House and make a deal to guarantee the independence of a unified Vietnam, he might have ended up inviting U.S. troops to man the border with China, but by the end of the 1950s we had missed our chance. Too bad, despite the oceans of blood that’s still what needs to be done. Meanwhile we’re doing incredibly stupid things with the Muslim World, all because Americans hate studying history, at least any going back before George Washington and his false teeth. They hire thousands of consultants but never throw me a bone, and their consultants never take my free courses to show them how ignorant they are and hopefully light a candle under their butts.

    I have the best free online Vietnam War history course ever seen, bringing out all the history back to square one long before the U.S. existed. Too bad, few Americans will likely study it, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, does it?

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