One thought on “The “Mexico sends them” myth: Trump’s not just racist but channeling far-right”

  1. My reply:

    Mexico is one issue that Trump is all wet on. Instead of using confiscated drug money to build a wall that can never work, he needs to adopt my 7-year-old Megamerge Dissolution Solution of expanding the US-Mexico border to the Mexican coasts by annexing Mexico as 10 new U.S. states, trading full citizenship for territory in a phased manner. As the new Ronald Reagan who gets it done, Trump will be in a great position to woo a large percentage of the new U.S. citizens to his party, reversing the sinister program of the Democrats to lay open the existing border to gain new voters out of illegal immigrants while leaving the failed state of Mexico as a festering sore on the American continent that is a perpetual non-starter. Read my bipartisan plan and urge your Democratic leaders to promote it first before Trump does. 🙂

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