One thought on “Exploiting a broken system: Trump’s within striking distance of Hillary — and that’s mind-boggling”

  1. My reply:

    Saloon insists on sticking with the party line that coddles border-crossers as long as they seem to want to vote Democratic, while portraying Trump as an Adolf Hitler for wanting to fix the border and make the U.S. a country again. Meanwhile they totally blink-out the failed corrupt state of Mexico and its racist fascist laws that give prison time to border crossers and prohibit migrants from owning land. Ironically, the Mexicans that don’t cross are far more likely to be sympathetic to Republican platforms if they would be proposed in Mexico. No wonder Saloon tries to ostrich about my bipartisan Megamerge Dissolution Solution Plan to annex Mexico, trading territory for citizenship in a phased controlled manner to end the problem forever, probably fearing that the new 60-state U.S. will give the Congress and Da White House to Republicans forever.

    One thing about Saloon is its reliability in ignoring any news that upsets its city slicker blowhard narrative, which now is that the Mexicans are voluntarily returning to Mexico, so why build a wall, or that Hillarious Clownton isn’t planning to effectively open the borders permanently, so why elect Trump. Of course nobody can prove what she’s going to do in court unless/until she’s elected and has already done it, but it’s never too late for raw reading travel:


    Uruguay shares credit with Argentina for the origins of Tango 🙂

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