One thought on “What does Donald Trump’s victory mean for the world? #Islam”

  1. My reply:

    This article doesn’t do such a good job of trying to hide the elephant in the room of ISLAM, and the mass invasion of Europe from the Muslim World, which is threatening to ruin everything it built by resurrecting Muhammad’s Great Jihad with a huge fifth column. America is 20 years behind Europe, but the American people saw through the schemes of evil U.S.-hating globalist George Soros to do it to the U.S., and did the right thing. The rest of the foreign policy is trivial in comparison, and since Trump is a fast learner and has wise learned Newt Gingrich at his side, there is little to be concerned about if he gets the Islam issue right, even though no politician will yet dare to mention my Winslow Plan, the only one based on the truth.

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