One thought on “Trump’s Ban on Immigration from Certain Countries Is Illegal”

  1. My reply:

    This article is so lame. The writer can’t change the US Constitution, so he lies about it to try to kibitz from the sidelines to snooker readers into thinking that banning Muslims from entering the U.S. is “illegal’.The Congress’ power to control entry into US borders by non-citizens is absolute and not subject to oversight by the judiciary, period. Congress granted the president temporary use of that power only, but if Trump bans Muslims from entry based on their ideology being a threat to national security, or based on their country harboring threats to national security, Congress can make it permanent, and the courts can’t stop them, nor the president. As Trump said, without borders we have no country. The moose hockey about Article 212 is irrelevant, and even the author goes in circles as he reasons out loud. The power is absolute, sorry, and it’s just about Congress’ will, because they are the representatives of the People.

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