One thought on “A Blunt and Counterproductive Travel Ban #Muslims”

  1. My reply:

    wSorry, but Congress has a fundamental power to protect U.S. borders from threats to national security, and long ago delegated temporary authority to the president. The leftist traitors in our ranks who want mass Muslim immigration know in their hearts that it will become a major threat to our national security, which is why they want it, because they hate America. They give themselves away with their dishonest argument that banning Muslims will make it easier for ISIS to recruit them to become killers. But so what, if they can only recruit Muslims OUTSIDE the U.S.? If Muslims immigrate en masse, one day ISIS will be recruiting Muslims INSIDE the U.S.

    They never recruit ex-Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, or Jews. Hence, the president and Congress have a right to ban ALL MUSLIMS permanently as a threat to national security until ISIS and all Islamist killers are eliminated worldwide.

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