One thought on “Trump People’s Court – SNL (video)”

  1. My reply:

    Duh, the ban didn’t include a religious test. It included a nationality test. Worse, the Establishment Clause is IRRELEVANT to orders by Congress or the President to ban entry to the U.S. of various classes of foreigners based on any kind of test they want, racial, religious, nationality, or political party membership. Only after they enter do they obtain Constitutional rights. Before that they are citizens or residents of foreign countries. The Constitution gives the judiciary NO authority over our borders. It’s all given to Congress, and they gave some temporary authority to the president. Congress can indeed ban all Muslims, all Jews, all Kali worshipers from entry on the grounds of national security, and the courts can’t do anything about it. The Marxist Seattle and San Fran courts are engaging in a POWER GRAB, a violation of separation of powers, and will ultimately fall on their faces because they’re messing with the authority of all presidents and all Congresses, not just Trump.If they think that Trump is abusing his power, it’s Congress’ responsibility to rein him in, not theirs, and if Congress abuses its power, it’s up the People to elect a new one. Appointed traitors in robes have no say. In the meantime their suspension of their Commander in Chief’s orders to his troops to protect our borders from threats to national security makes them liable for the consequences, meaning that ultimately Trump has outthought them and is going to not just get what he wants but is going to shake up the judiciary too.

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