One thought on “Reforming the Judicial Priesthood by RONALD R. CHERRY, MD”

  1. My reply:

    ‘s not the illegality of the 9th Circuit Court’s actions, but the whimpy response by Pres. Trump, who should cry TREASON and send in the Army to arrest, court-martial, and hang the traitors in black robes outside their courthouse 🙂

    Meanwhile he should ignore all their orders that are attempting to countermand orders of the Commander in Chief to this own troops to guard our borders, and just do his duty to the American People.

    Any so-called abuse of office by Pres. Trump is the business, not of judges, but of Congress, who are free to impeach him if they can. Long before that Congress should be impeaching those traitor judges.

    Maybe Trump is several chess moves ahead, because if he can lure the Supreme Court into exposing themselves as traitors in robes by backing up the 9th Circus, he can end up repacking the entire court with his appointees and go all the way with a blanket ban on all Muslims, followed by a permanent ban by Congress 🙂

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