One thought on “Joe Takes Stephen Miller ‘To School’ On Law | Morning Joe | MSNBC (video)”

  1. My reply:

    Miller is totally right. The Constitution has nothing to do with tyrants or Nazis, or Nixon. From day one the People formed a govt. with 3 main branches, and gave control of the borders solely to Congress, the representatives of the People. The judiciary has no power to review their decisions, and can never rule them “unconsitutional”, because Congress’ power is plenary, meaning total, and they don’t have to share it with anybody. In 1952 Congress gave the president limited power to declare temporary bans on entry, and again the judiciary has no authority even to look over the presidents’ shoulder, much less countermand his orders and call him on the carpet to explain himself. They might only review the 1952 law for constitutionality, but it is constitution, because it’s a simple deeding of authority by the Congress for temporary purposes. The court’s attempt block their Commander in Chief’s orders to protect our borders from security threats is an attempted overthrow of the Constitution, period. If Congress believes that Pres. Trump has abused his authority, it’s theirs to take back, and again, the judiciary has no power to intervene. On the contrary, Congress can impeach judges for misconduct. This control of the borders doesn’t extend to other presidential orders, but it’s rock solid, and the 9th Circus is skating on thin ice. As Pres. Jackson once proved, the president can tell the 9th Circus to shove it and do what he wants anyway, because he has an army and they don’t. If even one alien enters our borders on their orders and kills one person, the president can order the army to arrest and court-martial the whole 9th Circus for treason, aiding and abetting external enemies of our country.

    So, all this sanctimonious philosophizing in this video is MOOSE HOCKEY, sorry.

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