One thought on “Starnes: Maybe Trump should send all the refugees to Hawaii?”

  1. My reply:

    This whole Trump travel ban episode would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. All along, the Constitution gives plenary (meaning total) power to Congress to defend our borders against external threats, and although it hasn’t done it yet, it has always had the power to ban all Muslims permanently on any of a number of excuses, not just that Islam is a threat to the U.S. Constitution because it demands that it be made the official religion, but on the guise of banning anybody from a country with an established religion of any kind, which just about covers the whole “Muslim World”.

    Despite Pres. Trump pulling his punches and limiting his travel ban to a small percentage of jihadist-producing nations,the sick self-hating Obama-appointed Marxist judges in Calif. and Hawaii jumped the gun and falsely called it a total Muslim ban, then tried to overthrow the Constitution, pure and simple, because the federal judiciary has no power over our borders, military or decision-making, period. The Establishment Clause is not only inapplicable, it’s just the reverse, since Muslims want to overthrow it and make Islam the etablished religion, like Allah orders them to do, by force or otherwise. Tolerance of the intolerant is suicide. A house divided against itself can’t stand, sorry.

    In short, the way to deal with the traitors in black robes is not to play their game of slowly going to the SCOTUS, but via impeachment by Congress, or quicker, for Pres. Trump to send the Army to arrest them for giving aid and comfort to enemies of the U.S., give them a drumhead court-martial, and hang them by their own robes outside their courthouse. GO TRUMP!

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