One thought on “History Is Not a Useless Major: Fighting Myths with Data”

  1. My reply:

    The truth is that the whole higher education system is going to be kaput, with the Internet becoming everyone’s lifetime learning tool, and higher education becoming cheap as er, fries. The real question is why go to a university at all and get saddled with a worthless degree along with a huge debt in the hopes that their connections can get you a job, which might be a sinecure and a dead-end? What a waste to travel across the country, pay for lodging, and sign up for social and athletic activities as if one is going to a country club. Why not stay with the parents and study on one’s computer all day long and build up your mind? Those who figure this out will one day soon dominate not only the intellectual job markets but also be the ones cranking out bestsellers, getting high-paid consulting jobs, etc. Did I mention my Historyscoper web site, the best way to study history, which is currently totally free and doesn’t even require registration? It’s a race to gain knowledge, and ultimately only your raw amount of study time will count.

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