One thought on “Why hasn’t Trump’s wall been built?”

  1. My reply:

    A U.S.-Mexico border wall has long been a political football, so no surprise, it’s still half-built, but sorry, one can never work. The current proposal for an iron fence with spikes is ludicrous when you realize a coyote charging thousands per customer can buy a cherry picker truck and just hoist them over the wall clean without leaving a trace 🙂 To foil cameras he just has to release a smokescreen 🙂
    All along nobody has been talking about the only nonpartisan solution that will really work and end the problem forever, my Megamerge Dissolution Solution, where the U.S. annexes Mexico as several new U.S. states, expanding the U.S. border to the seas where it can be finally defended, and granting all Mexicans U.S. citizenship in a phased fashion in return for their land and dissolution of their govt. It will take political support from both sides, combined with a referendum like with Puerto Rico, but after 20 years a new generation will grow up who never heard of the old ridiculous wasteful undefensible U.S.-Mexico border, while the bigger better 60-state U.S. will be more able to take on its real enemies Russia and China.
    Here’s my proposal in detail if you’re still reading. I’ve been crying like John the Baptist for it since 2009, and there’s still no major politician pushing it, although Pres. Trump would make a great once since he’s a winner and could make it happen fast:

    The Megamerge Dissolution Solution (MMDS) Blog:

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