One thought on “New York Times Op-Ed Urges Open Borders: ‘Let Them In’”

  1. My reply:

    Once again the Democrat-owned NYT trivializes the momentous issue of the U.S.-Mexico border by focusing on those on the Mexican side, acting like it’s a one-way sieve and what’s on the Mexican side is irrelevant, obviously because they think the border-crossers will end up voting Democratic because they are Mexico’s refuse and will welcome welfare and other hand-outs between low-paying jobs. When will they admit that the biggest problem is the failed nation of Mexico, and that the only permanent solution is for the U.S. to annex it as several new U.S. states, giving all Mexicans U.S. citizenship in a phased manner in exchange for gaining their territory, so that the indefensible 1900-mile U.S. Mexico border can be expanded to the coasts where it will finally be defensible? Because the old regime in Mexico might vote Republican? Until the total solution is recognized, all of the NYT articles on this issue are tunnel vision partisan moose hockey.

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