One thought on “CFACT Undercover: Exposing radical UN sustainability conference”

  1. My reply:

    The globalist Marxist U.N. and its IPCC are filled with U.S.-hating bureaucrats who manage a stable of kept scientists, academics, and journalists who are trying to frame CO2 and the fossil fuel industry for threatening a climate Armageddon which they claim only they can rescue us from by giving them power to foist a world govt. It’s actually a scientific hoax, because only the Sun can warm the Earth’s surface, and CO2 just helps the rest of the atmosphere cool it by conducting the heat to space. The Earth’s atmosphere isn’t a greenhouse it’s a giant chimney. There is thus nothing the U.N. can save us from. It can only hurt us by robbing the West and redistributing wealth to Africa, etc. to make everybody poor like all Marxists do. Too bad, the fossil fuel industry doesn’t fight back by funding every scientist who promises to debunk the CO2 greenhouse warming theory, it limits its funding to political lobbying, and has even cut a deal with the environmentalists in order to get a piece of the renewable energy boondoggle. All so-called renewable energy (the energy, not the technology to utilize it) such as wind and solar power can promise humanity is poverty and starvation. They should instead be working for universally available nuclear power, but that’s just it, that would allow population to keep increasing, and the super-powerful elitists who pull the strings don’t want that, they want population reduction, particularly after their own shenanigans trigger a world war that can launder the crime. It’s a sad time, and the few who are speaking truth to power are effectively sidelined so that the show can go on. Looking at it as a historyscoper would see it 500 years from now, I feel helpless to stop it but have to try.

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