The real reason Hillary Clinton won the debate: No one else was on her level

My reply:

Sure, Saloonies, Hillary won. Too bad, after the debate was over CNN interviewed several who watched, and almost all said they had decided to switch to Bernie 🙂

Bernie won because he isn’t saddled with a giant garage full of coverups, and because he came across not only as honest but as very presidential, even giving Hillary a hand with her “damned emails”, as if he’d likely pardon her for her crimes, which she seemed to bow to without question, did you see her sweat with relief?

Hillary did do a great job for losers, never failing to lobby for illegal immigrants, gays, and women, just like a great First Lady would, who never has to actually get elected and is free to lobby for any losers. She only failed to mention school lunches, wait till the next debate 🙂

Bernie’s most difficult moment was not about gun control in his rural state of Vt., but about his position on war, acing it by saying he’d back a war when all other options were off the table, with the appropriate stern face and gravitas. Face it, what enemy would be afraid of fake-smiling cackling President Hillarious Clownton AKA Shillary? Oops, I said face it, which properly refers to her hubby’s women problems 🙂 Not that Trump doesn’t get better faces when he wants 🙂

Nobody in the debate mentioned the silent puppetmaster of the Democrats, GEORGE SOROS.

The real question is whether U.S. voters will knowingly vote for an avowed Socialist whose main wealth comes from overcharging for worthless speeches instead of a proven champion capitalist like Donald Trump who actually earns money in a competitive market. Imagine the shelves full of agitprop Saloon can crank out for Trump’s 8 years, black is white and black is white but watch to see them get their hands on the green, I can hardly wait 🙂

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