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By T.L. Winslow (TLW), The Iron Chef of World History™

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Original Pub. Date: July 12, 2011. Last Update: Sept. 23, 2020.

T.L. Winslow (TLW) (1953-), The Historyscoper™ The Historyscoper™

The Historyscoping Revolution

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It's as simple as 1-2-3:

1. The educational system has failed students in the teaching of history.

2. The world's greatest history expert has spent a lifetime creating the curriculum that provides "The Greatest Courses in the History of History"™.

3. Somebody is needed to plug money into the above, and voila, The Historyscoper™ (, a successful corporation to service the worldwide market for decades to come.

Are you an investor with big bucks on your hands that need a good home? Think you should invest in drug development, cloning, robots, Internet service providers? Too many people do. Now think outside the box. Picture something totally unique, the ground floor of the greatest educational revolution in history, the Historyscoping Revolution. There has never been anything like this, and never will again, because I'm the sine qua non that makes it possible. But it's not completely off the wall. It's grounded in the Internet, but is not just an information service but a pioneer in the next stage of the Internet Revolution, a service to provide pure concentrated knowledge, not just lakes of diluted pointless information.

What is An online world history school that aims to use the Internet to flood the world with virtually unlimited history education in all languages to a degree heretofore thought impossible, a new global lifetime school system based on my revolutionary Historyscoping approach that looks to the future of a more united knowledge-rich world, and by its own success guarantees that it will have better governments.

Why is it needed? The establishment has totally failed at teaching students history or preparing them for life with a good liberal education, copping out to political correctness and job preparation, hence the time is ripe for us to take over with a new lifetime educational system on the Internet that's based outside the current academic establishment but wants to sign it up as a customer, taking over the job of teaching history to their students using knowledge technology to empower them for life. In doing so, we will build a worldwide corporation giving employment to thousands.

We'll be swamped with competitors? For a time, yes, phony competition, but the students will easily sense false advertising and go with us. My super-powerful one-of-a-kind curriculum cannot be underestimated, because history isn't just another elective subject, it's the most important subject, giving meaning and purpose to one's life, a mental framework for all life's activities, and basic guidance for political decisions, and a serious student only has time to study one, and hence will want only the best, mine. I have no competitors now, because historians are fragmented into so many super-specialties and hung-up on the status quo, but we will change everything, and they will eventually go with us and we will become the status quo. History isn't just another elective subject. You could say that my school's ultimate effect will be to restore the goal of a lifetime liberal education, which the current school system has pretty much abandoned, revolutioning the educational system itself. Therefore we have a world-transforming revolution in our grasp, so why wait to waste your money on my future competitors when you can get in on the ground floor with me now by stepping out of the pack and taking a chance based on your intuition that I'm the real deal?

Speaking of real deal, did you ever hear the phrase "Wrote the book on this"? Please allow me to introduce myself: TLW the Original Historyscoper™, the World's Greatest Genius™, the Sponge™, the World's Most Serious Dude™, a professional pansophist, master of more world history than anybody who ever lived. I don't just know it because I researched it, I know how to teach it to others to make them into 6,000-year-old souls who have the tiger by the tail, the new Horace Mann or John Dewey. Born in Denver, Colo. in 1953, I was there throughout every stage of the computer revolution, and could have started Microsoft, Google, or Facebook, but considered it beneath my level, saving myself for something really important, something that nobody else can do, this. Speaking of competitors, since the going rate in the academic world is that mastering world history is impossible, I have never had any competitors, and every day I get farther ahead walking away. But I know I won't live forever, and it's very lonely at the top and I would welcome others after I help lift them up with my school. Look in the mirror and ask if you can really pass this chance up.

You have money and business expertise to sell me, but what am I selling you? A bunch of literary copyrights, plus product ideas and expertise. I may have the world's most valuable copyright, how's that for an elevator pitch? I've been working for many years on my revolutionary multimillion-word Master Historyscope AKA The Great Track of Time and The Golden Brick Road of Time, the basic common curriculum for every student to get a working knowledge of global world history to take his/her place in the world, and have been publishing it for free on to stir up interest, paying nothing for advertising and trusting to luck to get hits, which so far have been few and far between, which is why I said you're lucky to be here. The big problem with my current courses isn't the content, but the format. They're all static raw unfiltered one-size-fits-all pure html Web pages that take a long time to load and cause the browser to groan, and are suitable for only the most serious, mature, and self-motivated students, usually history teachers. After investment they will turn into spoon-sized dynamic Web pages generated on-the-fly based on the student, course, level, and lesson, along with tests, all of which history teachers can tailor and filter while they expand their own education, making them suitable for students of all levels.

There will never be any physical classrooms, and schools that sign up for my online school will sign up their students to the site to do all their work. Yes, anybody can go onto our site and study without paying, but if a school wants to put their teachers in the loop that's why they will pay, and pay well, generating us large amounts of income. Think of my planned future site as a combination of Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Ebay, and Elance for Historyscoping, with its own unique software that will implement a full-service online world history school complete with courses, tests, grades, and diplomas, along with a history search engine that acts as a portal into history in multiple dimensions, and is also each person's lifetime personal teacher and guide, remembering what material has been covered in a personal diary, with social networking features to connect historyscopers, along with an electronic freelancing service for students and teachers. I want to economize and work with the existing Internet world as much as possible, and explore a partnership with Google, since we will become one of its biggest users. We will have the option of dealing with the publishing world or creating our own publishing company, with our students being a captive market. Sorry, I boycott Facebook, but Google+ provides the same functionality. I'm going to leave it to the board to decide if we will continue to link map points to Wikipedia articles, make a deal with another online encyclopedia company, or buy a copy of all the Wikipedia articles on history then use our own staff to improve them to create our own private online encyclopedia.

Businesswise this could be the next Google or Microsoft, but actually it's got the potential of being far bigger than both put together, because our main revenue stream will come from the educational sector, not advertisers. For the first 5-7 years our online school can sign up virtually every college, university, and high school in the English-speaking world, then hire translators to expand worldwide, ultimately reaching hundreds of millions of students. For example, after we translate our curriculum into Japanese we might sign up the entire Japanese government. We will also expand to elementary schools after hiring specialists that filter the curriculum to required standards. Possible growth paths include expanding to related subjects that are purely cerebral and don't require hands-on training, labs, or facilities, such as law and economics.

2020 Note: The rise of the woke movement and critical race theory threatens to "cancel" history teaching from the entire educational system. For us this represents a golden opportunity as it gives us a monopoly. If you're an investor I hope this excites you. Obviously I won't accept a woke investor any more than one from a Communist country that has ulterior designs on canceling or perverting history for political purposes. I want the Historyscoper to always give true history uncensored and unmodified by any kind of political pressure. Yes, I have dreams of my Historyscopers one day becoming the world's Jedi Knights fighting to preserve our history warts and all against the Evil Empire.

Our biggest obstacle will be credibility. Acceptance will be slow at first, but after the first crop of students begin to score high on standardized achievement tests, rival schools will flock to sign up. We have a good shot at becoming a new Microsoft. Years down the line, as our top students begin to take top positions in academia, and the cream make a name for themselves, becoming new Henry Kissingers and Benjamin Franklins, our reputation will grow along with our financial stability. Think of the Harvard of the Internet for history, but an institution which allows everybody who wishes to become a student and go as far as they are able, because all they need is access to the Internet, a will to learn, and plenty of time, sort of like the TV game Jeopardy! but even more democratic.

The nicest aspect of my plan is that students get a lifetime account independent of the educational institution that signed them up, permitting them to pursue a lifetime education course at their own option. The site will also serve serious history researchers with the most powerful and advanced services and tools for professional quality work. The ultimate goal I set before all students is to master the entire 6,000-year curriculum and pass the tests to become a certified Historyscoper like moi. Right now I'm the world's only Historyscoper, but I hope to live to see a million Historyscopers. A world full of Historyscopers will be a safer world.

TLW will consider investors from outside the U.S., but wants the company based in the U.S., with HQ in Hawaii, his dream location where he wants to spend his remaining years. Only the U.S. has the First Amendment, which makes it mandatory to be incorporated there, sorry. Currently the master historyscoper database is around 15 million words, and is all at what I will call Level 1. One day we'll expand to Level 3, which will probably have around 100 million to 1 billion words, allowing hundreds of highly specialized and deep history courses to be created, all seamlessly integrated for a lifetime learning experience for everybody. I've already started some of this work, as you can see on my site.

Why do I need money?

1. To hire programmers to create new software (tens of millions of lines of code) that makes a mass Historyscoping site possible, and to build and operate servers with the needed capacity and/or try the cloud (Google etc.). The software will do all the tasks required to run an online world history school with millions of students, producing spoon-sized history lessons on-the-fly tailored to student, course, level, and lesson, with a built-in computerized (artificial intelligence) teacher along with capability for real teachers to run their class and provide their own input and filtering.

2. For marketing to raise the site's search engine ranking for the word "history" from the bottom, where it is now, to the top, and to sell educational institutions on it.

3. To hire historians and educators to certify, improve, and enlarge the curriculum, and help with marketing. Yes, I'm the genius that made it happen and did all the work, but I am still virtually unknown and have no great rep that will help sell it, plus my gigantic ego offends some, making it necessary for me to stay in the background, so to succeed we need to cut existing academics in with jobs so they will help us open the doors of their institutions using their reputations and clout instead of mine. For example, after we hire a historian from Harvard, he will help us sell Harvard; after we hire an educator from Berkeley, she will help us sell Berkeley.

4. To hire a board to manage all the business activities.

5. To hire a legal staff to secure our intellectual property rights and handle all needed contractual relationships, and purchase copyrights and other necessary legal rights.

What is the growth plan?

1. After the board and staff are hired, and the ground work done, the corporation can begin signing up schools and generating income within 18-24 mo.

2. At the 5-7 year point the corporation will be in a position to go public, allowing the investor to cash out.

What are TLW's credentials? The only ones that count. I'm the inventor of the field of Historyscoping, and currently the world's only Historyscoper, trademark, white-bearded logo and all, as well as the reigning World's Greatest Genius (WGG), a master of STEM as well as world history, the boy who never left school, with 40+ years of college-level studies in virtually every subject under my belt. As the school's headmaster, I set the example for all the students, inviting them to try to catch up to me. A totally dedicated monk-like pansophist and master of every technical area required, a big idea man with a comprehensive vision, I'm the only man to actively guide the corporation as chairman of the board, with your financial backing and business acumen added to my talents, ideas, copyrights, etc. Good news, I'm an old fart in my golden years of moving mountains with my mind and don't want to be involved in day-by-day business dealings, hence you will be allowed to select the president, CEO, and CFO. I envisage holding one online board meeting online every 6 mo. to check that the corporation is staying the course, and otherwise act as an oracle for company personnel via secret email addresses, but always stay true to myself and keep on historyscoping.

How much do I require? I'm estimating $3 billion - $5 billion. It might be possible to launch the corporation and go a long ways with a tenth of that, but if the investors want to reap the true potential they will start with the amount that can be usefully employed, and that's the ballpark. If you want to invest a small amount like $1 million for a more accurate study of how much would actually be needed, I'm game. I'm not in it for the money like you. I'm in it to father a corporation that continues after me.

The relationship with the investor will be simple. We will form a corporation, and I will assign all my copyrights, trademarks and logos to it after you transfer your money to it, all in return for shares. The rest of the details are negotiable so let's get talking. I have a more detailed proposed deal available on request.

Finder's fee: I've got the opportunity every big-buck investor is looking for, and it's just a problem of us hooking up by getting around their locked front doors. Do you have an inside track with an investor and can get through the defenses and get them to take a serious look at me? Steer an investor to contact me, and have them acknowledge it, and I will pay you a finder's fee of $1 million after the investment deal with them is finalized and I get paid.

Investors: Please email my Gmail historyscoper account with your interest, summarizing your credentials which I can verify online. Use the msg title "HISTORYSCOPER/INVESTORS" (all caps). In case I'm spammed, send the message several times, and if you don't get a reply within a week, go to my personal Web site on Weebly and fill out the personal message form several times.

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T.L. Winslow (TLW) (1953-) T.L. Winslow (TLW) (1953-) T.L. Winslow (TLW) (1953-)

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