One thought on “Trump Postpones Israel Visit Until He ‘Becomes US President’”

  1. Here we go again. Another Saloon article that tries to cover for Islam by making it about non-Muslims.

    [[The Philadelphia Daily News hailed Trump’s plan to ban all Muslim immigration–which would bring us back to the era of the openly racist Chinese Exclusion Act–with the barely-even-a-pun headline “The New Furor.” The New York Daily News, not to be outdone, showed Trump beheading the Statue of Liberty.]]

    Duh, the Chinese Exclusion Act was enacted about the time the Statue of Liberty was installed. There is no basic conflict because the Constitution gives Congress the absolute power to control entry into the U.S. in the name of national security. Of course back then China had an emperor, and how would the Congress be able to make sure of the loyalties of masses of Chinese immigrants? Back then Chinese were just as racist as whites; they probably still are. What’s really looney about Saloon is that Islam isn’t a race; it’s an ideology that wants to make all races submit to its domination of mind, body, and soul forever, so bringing out the R word when it comes to Muslims is pure moose hockey.

    As to Trump stopping Muslims from entering the U.S., it’s typical of leftist Saloon to consider the Constitution as their toilet paper, but it’s still in living power protecting us all, and Congress still has the absolute power to stop entry or even deport persons they deem a threat to national security without regard go race, religion, or anything else. Funny how Hillary and other leftists like to say that there are radicals in all religions, but turn around and slam Trump for wanting to deal with radicals in sacred cow Islam. As president, Trump will do just like he promised, and they can’t stand it, because they know he will have that power, and it’s totally constitutional.

    Too bad for Trump, Congress only gave the president limited emergency powers, so even if he’s elected and does what he promised, to make it permanent he has to get Congress to pass a law. Does that make them the Reichstag? All countries exclude foreign nationals from their borders all the time, it has nothing to do with Hitler. If he wanted all Muslims in America now forcefully deported, only then would the analogy be remotely applicable, right? No, because of the reality of what Islam is.

    Saloon are the No Nothings of our time, because they refuse to face the truth of Islam that it’s an ancient evil that has ambitions of dominating the world for Allah, and no Muslim can go against their god, hence every Muslim in America has an alien DNA that can never truly support our secular infidel Constitution or way of life, but is like a virus or cancer that if allowed to grow too large can totally destroy it. Allah has been ordering his Muslims for 1400 years to conquer the world for him and destroy all their civilizations and governments and absorb them into the global Muslim Ummah where Islam is the official religion and only Muslims have rights. Witness what they did in er, China, and are doing day in W China. Muslims can’t deny their god, can you Saloonies get that in your heads? It’s Allah that’s our existential enemy, period..So the U.S., whose Constitution extends every consideration to different religions to tolerate them, breaks down when it tries to tolerate the intolerant, especially enemies of the Constitution who wish to enact a new intolerant constitution, sorry Saloonies.

    Why do you Saloonies play ostrich when it comes to Islam, while gleefully putting Christianity under a microscope? You’re sick? 🙂 Or liars? 🙂

    Getting back to Trump and the Constitution, the Supreme Court ruled way back in 1952 that Congress’ power to bar entry to those it deems threats to national security is absolute, and that they have no power to even look over their shoulder and consider their motives. Hence all lawsuits will be quashed. The case is Harisiades v. Shaughnnesy.

    As Commies under another name, you Saloonies must know about the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act, which already bans Muslims from entry because as members of the Muslim Umma the have violent overthrow of our Constitution on their tables. Only because of Arab oil money does our govt. put on blinders. Hopefully President Trump will not be controlled by them and will do the right thing to make the U.S. strong again.

    Back to Trump being racist. China is already doing to Muslims what Trump is proposing, and more. Who wrote this Saloonie article? If he isn’t a Chinese racist where’s his parallel article about China? There goes the Peace Train, chu chu 🙂

    Too bad for Saloon, the people of the U.S. aren’t all useful idiots like they think they are, and their lies about Trump going against the Constitution and their name-calling are just making his supporters support him more. The favorite lie is “It’s not who we are”, when that’s exactly backwards, because Islam wants to destroy who we are, and to preserve our way of life the U.S. must be a world island safe and secure from Islam like it has been since day one. Too bad the Democrats still listen to Saloon and the PC press including the NYT and haven’t caught on yet, but it might just happen so hang on to your burqas.

    Want a laugh? Even a Texas Muslim imam who understands national security supports Trump, making Saloonies look like loonies. Where’s your big Saloon article on him? 🙂

    Why in this titanic moment of history is Saloon not covering all the articles listed above and instead filling its pages with narrow mendacious yellow journalism agitprop? Do its owners get Saudi grease money? They never say. 🙂

    Here’s where smart people monitor all the articles about Islam pro and con with no attempt at censorship:

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