One thought on “McCain, Graham: #Trump order may become ‘self-inflicted wound’ in terrorism fight”

  1. My reply:

    Self-inflicted wound? Sorry, but declaring that we’re so afraid of what Muslims might do to us if we offend them somehow is the real self-inflicted wound. ISIS doesn’t recruit from Jews, Christians, even apostasized Muslims, but practicing Muslims. If the U.S. can keep all Muslims outside its borders, then ISIS can only recruit from Muslims outside its borders. But if the U.S. permits Muslims to immigrate, ISIS can recruit from Muslims inside its borders. It’s just a matter of what provocation will trigger them. Hence, Trump’s ban on certain Muslim countries isn’t strong enough, and he should issue a blanked ban like he originally promised, while proposing a Constitutional amendment to settle the issue once for all by allowing Islam to be exempted from the First Amendment protections and treated as a potential threat to national security. I don’t mean radical Islam, but Islam, the mother ideology.
    Read my Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam Forever, the only one based on the truth, and see how much needs to be done to avoid unimaginable horror:

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