One thought on “Muslims (and Leftists) are saying “More Muslims will now become terrorists because Donald #Trump offended them””

  1. My reply:
    Sorry, but when it comes to Islam, 1400 years of history shows that it must be treated special, because Allah demands violent takeover of all lands not ruled in his name. Even when they already took over a land, the Muslim propensity to turn to violence at the slightest provocation makes them unworthy of immigration to America, Europe, or any non-Muslim country. The Muslims can’t even agree on the age-old Sunni-Shiite question, and violently attack each other every day of the week. Why import their problems with them? Answer: Western leftists hate Christendom so much that they will resort to any lie to swindle govts. into permitting mass Muslim immigration as a way to hurt Christians.

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