One thought on “Fox News Brings Back Man Who Invoked Internment Camps As “Precedent” To Defend Muslim Ban”

  1. My reply:

    So far Pres. Trump has done a great job. It’s his sick leftist Marxist opposition that’s made asses of themselves, with that federal judge in Washington skating on the thin ice of TREASON by arrogating to himself the authority to outrank the Commander in Chief and countermand his orders to defend the borders of the U.S. The Constitution gives the judiciary NO authority over immigration or national defense, period. What an a-hole to make Trump have to go through the Byzantine court system to defend his own constitutional authority. Imagine how nuts the leftists would become if Trump did what he should do and sent federal troops to arrest the traitor in a black robe and court-martial him for treason and execute the bum. 🙂 Every time they call Trump nuts, they’re just looking in the mirror and wanking off 🙂

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