One thought on “THE NINTH CIRCUIT: DANGEROUSLY OUT OF ORDER Black-robed politicians on the Left Coast handcuff #Trump, keeping the borders wide open for terrorists.”

  1. My reply:

    If I were president and a bunch of Marxist traitors in black robes blocked my order as commander in chief to my troops to protect our borders against foreign enemies, allowing them to stream in and do whatever evil they wish, I’d wait until one killed somebody then send my troops to arrest the traitors for treason, i.e., giving aid and comfort to enemies of the U.S., having them put through a drumhead court-martial, and executed.

    So, limiting himself to calling them “so-called judges” and playing their games of being passed from one set of traitors in robes to another while his hands remain tied is awfully mild of Pres. Trump. 🙂

    Like Trump said, his orders to protect our borders from external threats are not even reviewable by the courts, yet when they tried it he acted like a whimp, never even warning them that any attempt to do so is skating on the thin ice of treason. Because of this, the final victory he needs of not only banning all Muslims from entering our borders temporarily but convincing Congress to make it permanent is years away, much less the ratification of my Winslow Amendment to the Constitution, which allows Islam to be excluded from the protection afforded other religions so that Congress can pass laws as needed and not worry about lawsuits over their constitutionality. The amendment is carefully worded to keep it from being turned on non-Muslims, especially Christians and Jews, and it does not violate the Establishment Clause because it doesn’t establish an official religion over We the People, or prohibit the People from free exercise of their religion (unless they engage in illegal actions such as plotting a govt. overthrow or trying to undermine it with Sharia), but just excludes members of one gigantic global religion that preaches overthrow of the Constitution from entering the borders without invading with their own army. It’s still short of the U.S. declaring war on Islam, and is just a defensive move making the U.S. a world haven from the Muslim religion and its jihad and Sharia. My Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam Forever deals with what’s necessary for the ultimate victory when the non-Muslim world gets the cajones and is willing to pay the price.

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