One thought on “Why the United States Should Be as Circumspect as the British about the Muslim Brotherhood”

  1. My reply:

    Like typical clueless leftist losers, this writer puts on blinkers and views the only potential threat to the U.S. from the Muslim Brotherhood to be terrorism. Sorry, but Allah commands all Muslims to overthrow any infidel govt. in their way and replace it with a govt. where Islam is the official religion. That’s why there is a Muslim World. In today’s world with 1.x billion Muslims and only 300 million non-Muslims in the U.S., it would be national suicide to open the borders to Muslims, even the most peaceful, because they are all threats to the Constitution, if not by violence, then by sheer numbers. If 300 million Muslims were allowed to walk in and set up shop as citizens, they would soon vote to abolish the Constitution and set up a new govt. based on Sharia. They should only be able to come in and do that if their army beats our army, which is jihad not terrorism. Only Islam has jihad and Sharia, hence Congress is long overdue in closing the borders to all Muslim immigration to defend the Constitution and preserve the U.S. as a haven from the Muslim World and the last hope of humanity. The rest is politics hampered by influence from the Muslim World and the evil George Soros, and sheer mass ignorance.

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