One thought on “Read Online A Strategy to Counter ISIL as a Transregional Threat”

  1. My reply:

    .[[Even though U.S. leverage is limited to affect the political situations in Iraq and Syria, the United States should focus on removing the underlying conditions sustaining ISIL and other violent jihadist groups, i.e., the lack of security, justice, and political representation. ]]
    Rand is totally intellectually bankrupt in its sick failed attempt to analyze Islam with Marxist moose hockey. They know good and well that there are 100 million Muslims who are liable to go jihadist at any time, and can form any number of jihadist organizations. Thus the only answer is my Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam Forever, requiring the non-Muslim World to unite and do to the Muslim World what the Allies did to the Nazis, Japs, and Fascists in WWII. Failure to face this is not analysis, it is paralysis or pandering.

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