One thought on “Don’t Be Fooled, #Trump’s New Muslim Ban Is Still Illegal”

  1. My reply:

    [[The twisted worldview does not match reality. Muslims have been part of America for centuries, since the first slave ships arrived in the 17th century. Today, Muslims represent 1 percent of the United States population: They are our teachers, doctors, neighbors and co-workers.]]
    This is why people call it the New York Slimes. When it comes to Islam it’s a source of endless barefaced lies. Of course Muslims arrived in the U.S., as slaves, and were forced to apostatize from Islam and adopt Christianity. Until the end of WWI the Muslim world was run by the Ottomans, who were in a perpetual state of jihad against the U.S., so immigration wasn’t even considered. Not until Ted Kennedy lied the 1965 Immigration Act into passing were even a few admitted without being required to apostatize. Now the NYT wants us to believe that a Congressional ban on Muslim immigration is unconstiitutional.

    What constitution are they referring to? The U.S. Constitution gives Congress plenary (meaning they don’t have to share it with anybody) power to control national borders, and they may ban any group they deem a threat to national security, based on race, nationality, or religion. The courts may not even question their decisions, else they are subject to impeachment. Now a push by the PC media and the liberal traitors in the judiciary is seeking to overthrow the Constitution without winnina v ote, and it won’t work in the end, sorry. The Constitution doesn’t tie the hands of Congress when it seeks to protect the People from extenal enemies. Imagine a religion that openly preaches the overthrow of our Constitutional govt. Duh, we already have one, ISIS. It’s time Trump doubled-down and banned all Muslim entry temporarily, then lobbied Congress to make it permanent. The traitors in our ranks have already given themselves away, so why not force the issue to a final victory?

    Read my Winslow Plan, the only one based on the truth.

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