One thought on “Why Borders Matter (video)”

  1. My reply:

    As much as sick self-hating Marxists hate the West, their best shot for quick extermination of its 2K-year-old Christian culture is ISLAM. Too bad, they blithely assume that they can handle the Muslims later, which will likely backfire bigtime, making them wish they’d never tried it. Whether you’re a racist or not, if you’re a Westerner you have something worth defending – Western culture, with all its contradictions. Islam wants to destroy all of it and absorb the West into the horrible violent intolerant backwards supremacist Muslim World, and we can’t allow it. It’s time the entire non-Muslim world united to rid the world of Islam forever, with a systematic plan that doesn’t lower us to their level to do it. There is one, mine, the Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam, available to all to read free online, just Google it. Too bad, this channel won’t even study it or mention it, which is like a man being punched in the face on the street and apologizing to his assailant for bruising his knuckles 🙂

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