One thought on “Tommy Robinson Courageous Message Outside Westminster After Attack, 22/3/2017, Islam, Muslims, Trump (video)”

  1. My reply:

    Islam’s attack on the West is all about making itself the official religion by all means necessary including immigration and terror. Tommy Robinson is suffering greatly by having to live at Ground Zero in England, and is courageous to speak out in that society that is run by sick self-hating leftist Marxist overlords who delight in anything that hurts Christian civilization, but he hasn’t been courageous enough to begin proclaiming my Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam, the only one based on the truth, which will require a long hard struggle that needs to start with a grassroots movement and which is the only way to prevent unimaginable horror. First we must all get on the same page. Google it to read it, and tell your friends including Tommy.

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