One thought on “The Newly Launched #IslamophobiaisRacism Syllabus Is an Extremely Useful Primer for Teaching and Learning about Anti-Muslim Discrimination”

  1. My reply:

    Sorry, but Islam isn’t a race, it’s an ideology that seeks to absorb all races. Islamophobia means fear of Islam and its domination through Sharia and jihad, which is what all non-Muslims in their right mind should have. The whole idea of equating fear of Islam assaulting the West with racism is itself a form of jihad, an attempt to play non-Muslims for suckers, and nobody falls for it. The real word for hatred of Islam is Misoislamism, just as hatred for woman is misogyny. Any non-Muslim who has studied Islam and its history should be a misoislamist, not just an islamophobe. Even Muslims are afraid of Islam for what it might do to them if they are perceived to deviate from orthodoxy. Islam IS fear, hence Islamophobia is a good not bad word.

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