One thought on “Prior Presidents’ “Travel Bans” Are Different From President #Trump’s Ban”

  1. My reply:

    Pres. Trump’s bans so far are groping under the weight of traitor leftist Obama plants in the federal judiciary who are trying to implement their own Constitution. One day maybe Trump will implement what the U.S. really needs, a blanket ban on all MUSLIM immigration, and severe restriction on Muslim visas. This will take the SCOTUS finally doing their job and slamming down the traitor judges, who have been playing a con game by throwing up a screen pretending that the issue of a “religious test” for entry to the U.S. has already been decided. It has – in favor of U.S. security trumping religion. Even with a blanket Muslim ban, Trump is just pitty-pattying in the face of the existential threat of resurgent Islam, and should openly proclaim my comprehensive Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam as the official U.S. goal.

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