One thought on “Finding Hope in Islamic History”

  1. [[ Indeed, the Islamic world’s rich heritage of art, literature, philosophy, music, and dance provides a powerful alternative to the narrow, legalistic, and exclusionary understandings of Islam that fuel violent extremism.]]
    Duh, a broad-brush claim of alleged facts without citing the facts themselves is moose hockey. The truth is that the ground texts of Islam preach supremacy, intolerance, and global domination, and no Muslim has ever lasted long who challenged them. Yes, over 1400 years there have been pockets who tried amid masses who quietly refused to follow Muhammad’s orders to take over the world. To even bring those terrible ground texts into the West is dangerous and bound to cause endless war. Better to require Muslims to apostatize before immigrating, or else tell them to stay in their wonderful Muslim World until they do.

    The Winslow Plan is the only one based on the truth. The lamers at FPRI will be the last to get onboard. Leave them behind and join the winners’ team.

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