One thought on “David Limbaugh: Obama’s Appalling Mistreatment of Israel”

  1. My reply:

    Why is the U.S. so loyal to Israel? Because it’s full of Christians and Jews who know that God gave Israel to the Jews. Too bad, they don’t seem to appreciate that even if there is no god, history awards it to them as their ethnic homeland anyway. Only the god of Islam stands in their way, telling Arabs not to be satisfied with a homeland in Arabia but to take over the Earth with his divine blessing, and to never ever give up a single square inch, but to wage ceaseless war to reclaim it no matter how many have to die or be killed. After all, he rigs the game by giving Muslim martyrs paradise and infidels Hell, peeyu that stinks since we have to accept it on faith now and find out for sure after we’re dead. So why would Americans want to side with Allah? Allah is not a friend of the U.S., sorry, we’re infidels and don’t submit to his horrible Sharia and are promised only Curtain B, Hell, it don’t matter if we’re 57-year-old virgins who don’t inhale. So poor outnumbered surrounded Israel is literally our only friend in the Middle East, and it’s also our canary in the mine because if it’s exterminated, we’re next. Study Jerusalem’s history back 3,000 years free with the Historyscoper and see why this is all true at

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