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  1. My reply:

    Qurantine Islam on a Worldwide Basis
    Unless and till Islam becomes extinct, the wisest policy for the rest of the world is to quarantine it like a deadly plague on a worldwide basis, not invite Muslim immigration and then act puzzled when they don’t assimilate and begin demanding supremacy over non-Muslims while outbreeding everybody else and insuring their children are Muslims for life under penalty of death.

    As to Israel, Jews have the historical right to Jerusalem and environs, Bible or no Bible, with the Bible promising them far more territory than they now occupy. Too bad, Islam won’t concede a square inch of territory from their Ummah or Borg Hive, Allah commanding them to get it back by all means available, offering paradise for martyrdom, which to Middle Easterners living in a desert wasteland seems irresistible. Hence Israel will always need U.S. backing. Instead of listening to lamebrain Jimmy Carter’s idea that there can be a 2-state solution in Palestine, the only real solution is to get surrounding Muslim countries to resettle them as far away from Palestine as possible and get them a life. Too bad, since 1948 these countries forced the Palestinian Arabs into camps and threw them back at Israel as cannon fodder for Allah, and always will unless something changes. Hence forced resettlement or maybe via bribes should be on the table for U.S. diplomats – but not under our current president. Meanwhile Iran, Syria and Turkey are forming the next great axis against Israel, and our president needs to lead the… er, forget it.

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