2 thoughts on “Raid on Gaza aid ships spark protests; number of casualties are Turkish citizens, reports say Reports of 19 dead and dozens wounded aboard one of the six humanitarian aid vessels headed for Gaza which were violently intercepted by Israel have sparked outrage in Turkey, with early reports indicating that a number of the casualties are Turkish citizens.”

  1. My reply:

    Of course increasingly Islamist Turkey jumps to condemn Israel after a ship loaded with violent Turkish Islamists gets violent with the Israeli navy and ends up on the losing end. En route they were caught singing Islamic battle cries about killing Jews. These Islamists mixed with the other activists and used them as cover no different than an Islamic suicide bomber does, and turned the flotilla into a jihad, and should be the ones condemned. Too bad, Pres. Obama’s friends/associates Bill Ayer and Bernardine Dohrn are closely associated with the Free Gaza Movement.

  2. This was in no way a humanitarian aid vessel. They were loaded with guns and ammo. They beat the Israeli military that boarded the ship with steel rods!!! Really do peaceful people usually carry steel rods, just in case they might need them someday. There is video of them getting the boats ready and talking about either making it to Palistine or killing jews, either one was alright with the woman they interviewed. Palistine will never ever gain posession of any part of Israel This land belongs to Israel and nobody, but nobody has the right to take it away. Are you listening Obama?

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