One thought on “Our ISIS strategy’s big flaw: Why the president’s speech was filled with holes”

  1. My reply:
    ISIS isn’t anything to get worked up about? The U.S. should not return to the Middle East? Sorry, but ISIS is RESURGENT ISLAM, real Islam, the kind Muhammad preached, and its reach is global and its plan is world domination no matter how many have to be killed. Yes, putting U.S. troops in the Middle East has been counterproductive, but only because there is no master foreign policy of war on Islam itself, including preaching the Great Muslim Apostasy, stopping and reversing Muslim immigration, taking all weapons from Muslims everywhere, and making it a world crime to give a Quran to a child. How many horrible atrocities and surprises will it take? Right now I alone am proposing the Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam, which many pooh-pooh as too extremist, yet looking back at what it took to stop Hitler, it’s only what is needed for a total victory that will end this ancient scourge as a political force on Earth forever. Otherwise Islam’s war on us will continue, ramping up the atrocities, and disintegrating civilization.

    Read my plan and see how lame the U.S. foreign policy is:

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