One thought on “Questions on Obama’s intent in Syria and the Middle East”

  1. My reply:

    No matter what Pres. Obama does, or the Muslim World does, I predict that the unstoppable result will be the total disintegration of the Muslim World and the expansion of the Shining Jewish State of Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates after the ex-Muslims willingly clear out and not only agree to chuck Allah, Muhammad and his Jihad, but beg the Israelis for help in rejoining the human race in a new Middle East that becomes a credit to the world. So Obama’s backing of the sick Muslim Brotherhood shall pass, and we shouldn’t work up to much steam over it. Remember Ozymandias? How about Obamandias? 🙂 Not that it isn’t too late for him to switch to the winner’s team, which I sometimes think he might do since he made the smartest move of his presidency by asking Congress to declare war in Syria before making war like the Constitution requires, so he might get smarter and chuck the Muslim Brotherhood and back a Greater Israel as the only true solution to peace in the Middle East. If he does that, I’m sure Congress will back him all the way. Read my Historyscoper’s Islam Watch Blog daily and see how it comes out.

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